The 6th Porsche Classic Coast Tour starts within

What is the Porsche Classic Coast Tour?

A full day of Porsche experience for both participants and visitors.

Growing out of a passion for Classic Porsches and a small-scale meeting, we now present the 5th edition of the Porsche Classic Coast Tour.

The fifth edition builds on the reputation of previous editions. The existing competition for classic Porsche cars will be expanded further and an exhibition will be organized with the theme 50 years Porsche 911 RS 2.7

The maximum allowed cars on the tour is also limited to 80 cars.

The drivers lounge will be further adapted to receive everyone in style and to be able to serve them smoothly. We will retain the catering success formula: reception with barista, coast lunch and luxury reception.

For visitors who come to the event with a classic Porsche, we again provide a closed parking around the park.

In the 5th edition, the tour of +-165 km goes to the hinterland of the middle coast, via polder roads we drive along the Bruges surrounding area and we stop for a coast lunch at a special location. The way back takes you via small roads to De Haan, after which an exclusive reception follows and the award ceremony of the concours d'elegance.

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Coast Bier

Number of cars is limited!

Exclusieve Tour en Concours d'élégance aan de Belgische kust voor klassieke Porsche's


A whole day of classic Porsche experience

Sa 20/08/2022 @ De Haan
  • 9u15 reception with barista
  • 9u15 - 11h30 exhibition of participating cars and cars concours d'élègance
  • 10u30 start tour with roadbook, distance 160km
  • 12u45 - 14u30 tour stop at special location with light lunch.
  • 17u arrival of cars in tour
  • 17u - 19h30 Reception with Champagne, open bar with regional beers, wine and exclusive snacks
  • 18u award ceremony concours d'élègance

Price participation

The number of cars is limited to 80 for the Tour and 20 for the Concours D'élègance for 2022

Participation Tour
  • Participation tour 1 car and 2 people
  • Detailed tour with road book
  • Rally stickers + event stickers
  • Luxury goody bag in collaboration with our sponsors
  • Reception with Barista
  • Coast lunch at a special place
  • Exclusive reception with Champagne and Open bar with special snacks
Participation Concours D'élègance
  • Participation Concours D'élègance 1 car and 1 person
  • Rally stickers + event stickers
  • Luxury goody bag in collaboration with our sponsors
  • Receprion with Barista
  • Luxury picnic box
  • Exclusive reception with Champagne and Open bar with snacks


Porsche enthusiasts can enjoy a concours d'élegance and an expo 50 years RS 2.7 in the park. Furthermore, there is an animated start and finish of the tour with more than 80 classic Porsche cars.

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